DWScript update for Delphi 12

DWScript has been updated for Delphi 12 support, there are only minor changes required and they are in the DWScript repository.

On a side note, the Delphi 12 IDE definitely feels more snappy when navigating code or invoking code insight (ctrl+space) on large projects (more than 2 MLOC), which is nice!

SamplingProfiler 23.8.21

SamplingProfiler 23.8.21 is now available. This version is all about cosmetic fixes:

  • Display Delphi internal version number for unknown Delphi versions instead of defaulting to ‘XE2’
  • Replaced old directory browser in search paths dialog
  • Minor HDPI fixes

Also the zip only includes the 64bit version now (which should work with 32bit executables).